LULSEF is Lambda Upsilon Lambda’s non-profit partner that advances Hermanos’ efforts in education, career, and leadership development.


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What is the mission of the Service and Education Fund?

The mission of LUL Service and Education Fund is to amplify Hermanos' efforts in education, career advancement, and leadership development. The board of LULSEF has been working on identifying and developing short and long term strategic initiatives that will maximize the financial and professional resources at our disposal.

How is SEF related to LUL?

SEF and LUL are legally independent organizations who are nonetheless joined in purpose to serve the Latino community and fulfill our common metas. SEF is managed by an independent board of directors who must approve all grant requests and programming and no members of LUL leadership are part of the board of SEF.

Are donations to SEF tax deductible?

SEF is a federally recognized 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization. All gifts to LULSEF are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Fraternal foundations have long existed under the law and supporting the educational purpose of a fraternity is a legally recognized charitable purpose.

What projects has SEF supported?

SEF currently administers two funds. The first fund distributes hermano donations towards Fraternity wide initiatives that serve educational purposes. SEF used this fund to finance the 2019 Diversity Career Conference that was held in New York City in July. The Career Conference provided working panels across a variety of careers and fields where seasoned professionals shared their advice and experiences to college students and alumni interested in those respective fields. The second fund SEF administers targets educational, cultural and philanthrophic endeavors that are led by alumni hermanos. SEF's first such project supported teachers from Comp Sci High, an innovative charter school in the South Bronx that was founded by Hermano Angel Morales. SEF made a substantial financial donation to the school and organized tech based workshops for teachers of the school focusing on real world technology applications that could be integrated in the schools curriculum. Additional funds may be added and administered by SEF on a case by case basis.

How can I get involved?

In addition to financial support, brothers can become involved by supporting the programming of SEF. Programming like the Comp Sci High event would not have been possible without the involvement of hermanos who volunteered their time and resources to lead workshops for the Comp Sci Teachers. As our roster of programming increases over the next several years, our need for hermano involvement will continue to grow.

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