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Hermano Brunch Recap

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

We reconnected with our Hermanos and let them know what LULSEF actually is and how a brother can help.

What is LULSEF? Hermano Jason Torres explains at the Hermano Brunch:

LULSEF is here to help pump life back into our fraternity. After we graduate from undergrad, there is a big disconnect from the fraternity as our personal and professional lives become more front and center. LULSEF is filling in that gap. We are the fundraising vehicle whose aim is to help our Hermanos at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

You can learn about our initiatives here.

What's the difference between LULSEF and LULF?

What is up next for LULSEF?

We want to grow the fund so we can continue meeting our Hermanos where they are.

Many Hermanos have expressed pain with navigating the healthcare system - specifically, taking care of an aging or disabled parent/grandparent. So we are gathering our resources and providing a webinar with Ginalisa Monterroso, CEO and founder of Connect Care, who is a pro at navigating this very system.

This is a free resource for our Hermanos and you can sign up for the webinar here.

This is just one of the initiatives that is coming up. Please leave a comment below about what type of future programming you would like to see from us.

Become a Monthly Donor

In order to continue to create programming and be able to amplify the efforts of our Hermanos, we need to fundraise. We've launched a new way to give back and it's by donating on a monthly basis at different levels.





During the event we raised $15,000 in one time and pledged recurring donations for the year. These donations help our fraternity on the undergrad level and the graduate level. Help us help our Hermanos by becoming a monthly donor.

Download all of the photos from this Google Drive link.

La Unidad Para Siempre!

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